Month: October 2018

3 Major Themes In Dry Your Tears Africa By Bernard Daddie

Photo is from africanheritage website The Poet Bernard Daddie has made impact on African literature_ to the best of his ability, no doubt about that. The poet was an Ivorian born in Assinrie in the year 1916.The poem “Dry Your Tears Africa” is one among the pieces we can point at and say “Bernard Daddie […]

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3 Themes In The African Child by Camara Laye

Photo is from About The Author Camara Laye through this autobiographical novel paints a picture of what it is to grow up in a traditional African setting. Camara Laye (1928 – 1980) is a novelist from Guinea. He was born in Kouroussa on the 1st of January, 1928 but died in Dakar, Senegal on […]

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