Month: December 2014

Kwame Ataapim

Kwame Ataapim was born in famine:He lost his parents before his birth;He lost his sight before he could see;He lost his teeth before he could bite;He lost his feet before he could walk. Kwame Ataapim was born in war:He stood on the rock and split it apart;He tugged at the rope and tore it in […]

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They Walked And Talked (composed by Prof. Uche Okeke)

They talked and walked,walked and talked and talked_talkative homing dames;mothers, grandmothers, all homing,returning from a distant martbaskets on heads, words on lips_gossip or talk tales of folks at home. They clapped their hands;they screamed from time to time;they moved their heads in most expressive ways_their hands spoke even louder than their tongues_as they swept like […]

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